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MD38BA : 38mm Cap. Milling Cum Drilling Machines with Auto Feed

We offer the clients with high performing MD38BA : 38mm Cap. Milling Cum Drilling Machines with Auto Feed. This 38 mm Drilling cum Milling Machine is equipped with both Auto feed and Fine feed.



  • Model MD38BA is Having 38 mm Drilling and 25mm Milling Capacity.
  • The Machine is Provided With Finefeed For Giving Depth of Cut for Milling Operations And Two Autofeed For Dialing. Boring And Reaming Operation.
  • The Machine Comes With Best Quality Mt-4 / E 40 Collect Holder And Nut For The Same.
  • The Working Table Of The Machine Can Be Tilted 45' Left And Right.
  • Long Bottom Of Column Gives More Rigidy To The Machine.
  • The Base Table Of The Machine With Fitted With Coolant So As To  Utilize The Maximum Space As Well.

Tapping Control Panel Board

  • Tapping Control Panel Board Operated With Foot Switch Can Be Made Available In Any Of Radial Or Pilar Drill Machine On Request.
  • Limit Switches And Foot Switches

Standard Accessories

  • Motor Pulley In All Machine
  • Complite Electrical Suitable For 415 Volts/50Hz 3 Phase Ac Supply (Electrical Panel Board & Switches) In Model R40AA, R40BA & MD388A


Extra Accessories

  • Electrical Motors
  • Drill Chuck & Arbor
  • Tapping Control Panel Board
  • Coolent Pump With Coolent Tank
  • "Vee" Belts
  • Work Table
  • Keyless Drill Chuck & Arbor
  • Extra Long Column


Description MD38BA
Drilling Capacity Im M.S. 38
Rough Boring In M.S. 60
Tapping In M.S. 25
End Milling M.S. 25
Spinder Hole Taper MT-4
Spinder Travel 250
No. Of Spinder Speed/Range 8/80-2600 Rpm
Dia. Of Ram 78
Autofeed Range(mm/rev). Fine Feed &).05 &).09
Collet Holder Mt-4 / E 40
Max/Min Dist From Spinder Nose to Table 550/155
Dist from spindle center to column 305
Working Table 815 x 250
Longitudinal Travel 425
Cross Travel 305
Column Dia 110
Machine Measurement 1300 x 1170 x 1870
Electric Motor 1.5 HP
V-Belt B-60 B-46

Details :

  • All Dimension Are In Mm
  • Note : Due to Constant Improvements in our Machines All Illustrations/Specifications Are Subject to Change Without Prior Notice.
  • Accessories Show In the Photoghaphs May Not Be A Part Of The Standard Accessories.